5 steps to auto-transfer your Calendar entries into a spreadsheet

In the article and more accurately described in the video inside, I explain you how to export your calendar events into a spreadsheet using the Google Apps Script. Besides I show you the use of triggers to automate the update of the sheet when you change, add or remove an event.

A LaTeX macro with variables arguments

In order to answer at a comment in an old article, I have discovered an interesting trick to bypass the limit of the predetermined arguments that define a LaTeX macro. In the following sections I explain the basic idea under the hood with the solution for creating a dynamic table that supports a multiple of 4 arguments at time.

A natural show in my garden

I want to share you a beautiful video that shows a male blackbird that gives food at his 4 chicks. I used an HTC Re Camera put near the nest and I was able to record a beautiful and intense life moment.

Google Apps Script in action with Calendar & Sheet

I want to introduce you with a video that show how fast and efficient is the use of Google Apps Script to automate the export the data of a Google Calendar into Google Sheet. Besides it is possible to instruct the code to make some calculation, change the style and do everything you want.

A Python program to prevent eye strain

I have recently started to complain some eye strain and headache, after remaining many hours in front of my laptop screen. Hence I discovered the 20-20-20 rule and wrote a script in Python to automatic show a black fullscreen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds in order to force me to look away at something that is 20 feet (about 6,10 meters) away from me. Besides the program makes a sound when…

Alicorno bastion: a beautiful park and underground structure in Padua city

I have been in Padua for many years first for studying at the University and now for working, but I have been recently surprised from the discovering of a fantastic place with its small park: bastion Alicorno.

An improved bash script to shuffle files and the MP3 tags too

The script removes empty spaces and special characters (i.e. ', " and -) from a directory of defined files and then it shuffles them by adding a random number followed by an underscore. For the MP3 files it mixes-up also the ID3 tags and it has a special feature to add them if missing, starting from the filename (only if it is renamed like this: Album_name-Artist_name-Title_name.mp3 or…

Updated my LaTeX thesis template

After many years I have written and published my first article on a thesis template in LaTeX, I verify that it still keeps on being visited and shared daily. So I decided to translate in English the original comments and notes and to improve and update it. Now it has the analytical index and the instructions to print it but above all you can edit, publish and share it on-line with Overleaf.…

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