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The Japanese method: do… |→
You learn something new every day, indeed I discovered a new way to do multiplications with much fun: the Japanese method. The approach is pretty… more
ImageMagick: two fast methods… |→
Free software helps you a lot in many fields, even in generating a GIF animation from images. I wan to show you the use of "convert", a command line… more
5 sites to add copyright-free… |→
Many times I want to add a good and appropriate music to my videos, but if I don't check the license and the permission of that track I risk to… more
How to extract night and… |→
It's time to update my Google Apps Script that exports calendar events into a spreadsheet. I use it to comparison my worked hours with the month… more
Template for Developer CV with… |→
I was just a little annoyed to use the same Curriculum Vitae templates and so I have choice another one that I found on LaTeXTemplates: the Developer… more
How to stabilize a video using… |→
Recently I have refurbished my HTC Re Camera, an old instant camera, because I wanted to make some videos. The results were very devastating: I… more

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The greatest show... it's… |→
My return in the Beautiful Country (Italy - the Bel Paese as described by Dante) on holiday is started wonderfully with the usual match between the old team players of Rugby Rovigo and the rivals of… more
Visiting the Sovereign Harbour… |→
Below I put a slideshow and a short video concerning the Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne. There are some beautiful hydraulic constructions such as pound locks and bascule bridges, which I found very… more
A useful programming course in… |→
Two weeks ago I finished an interesting course offered by Coursera and called "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python". If you are looking for a funny and pleasant method to learn the… more
Thanks to the low tide...… |→
When the tide is low, I like to walk alongside the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 metres above sea level. It's not easy because sometimes I have to jump the rocks (many of them are… more
A visit at Redoubt Fortress… |→
Taking advantage of the free entry to the museum in the Easter weekend, I went for a visit in order to see "A fortress in the heart of Eastbourne...". Here is my short summary (please forgive me for… more
Who has damped spring?
March has been one of the coldest months, not only in Eastbourne but in the whole UK, and yet, after coming in England on January I had found the weather and the average temperature more comfortable… more
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