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Examples of how to crop an entire PDF with LaTeX

How to crop a PDF using LaTeX

Very often you want to read comfortably on screen or on eBook reader, the PDFs created for printing: two side or slides of presentations (2 or more slides per page), without zooming or scrolling from side to side. After several fruitless searching I have found a great solution: LaTeX. With the help… more
Open source software to design a storm sewer system

Software to design a storm sewer system

I publish an open source code that calculates line by line the suitable diameter for a given sewer system, using the linear reservoir model. It can design according to three different variables: speed, shear stress or slope of the line. It gives a final report, useful for calculus relations or… more
Instructions to add bookmarks in PDFs

How to add bookmarks on PDFs

The convenience of a good index in printed documents is essential to ensure fast tracking of the desired content, and a rapid overview. In PDF files, however, the situation is different, they are always too slow and uncomfortable, not to mention of their consultation in the ebook reader. So the… more
About storm sewer design: an example

About storm sewer design: an example

For developing the theory of linear reservoir model, I will try to design a small system shaped by 2 pipelines. In this example I show some useful table and I introduce the input data and calculations, in order to facilitate the comprehension and the using of my forthcoming FreeBASIC program.… more
Image for "About storm sewer design: an overview"

About storm sewer design: an overview

In the past I created a little BASIC program to help me in the design of a storm sewer system, using the linear reservoir model. I am going to publish my work, but first I will introduce briefly the theory linked to this one. The article won't be too didactic and detailed, to do this I put some… more
This article explains how to adapt the size of a PDF

Script to adapt the PDF size

A big gap of my eBook reader, the Asus DR900, is the maximum page zoom fixed to 200%. Generally the 200% works fine for most PDF file, but when I try to read PDF that includes double pages or document in A4 with A3 pages, the reading become very difficult. So I wrote a little bash script called set… more
Animate your Drupal 7 site, use spritely!

Animate your Drupal 7 site, use spritely!

With spritely, a jQuery plugin, your site acquires the ability to animate the background graphic and to give vitality at the HTML and css layout. In this article I explain you how install it and what are the files to modify in order to use it.At the beginning of the Web design history, the only… more
Free software to edit PDF

Free software to edit PDF

Cut, join, create/edit bookmarks, crop the white edges of the pages, and improve/get slim PDFs. This will not be a problem anymore with the free software listed below.  Portable Document Format, better known as its abbreviation in PDF, is a file format developed by Adobe System in 1993, used to… more