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MathJax and MathML in my Drupal site

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-09-13 (last updated on 2015-06-22)

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Nicola Rainiero

A civil geotechnical engineer with the ambition to facilitate own work with free software for a knowledge and collective sharing. Also, I deal with green energy and in particular shallow geothermal energy. I have always been involved in web design and 3D modelling.


David Carlisle (not verified)

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 23:21

The title is misleading: You can't really copmpare mathjax to mathml as they are not comparable..At its core MathJax is based on MathML but it has three different input parsers, one of a latex-like syntax (that you were using) one for mathml synatx and one for asciimath syntax. Whichever syntax you used it is parsed into an internal mathml representation. then this representation is rendered by one of three output methids, depending on the mathjax configuration. It can use a html/css positioning, use the native mathml capability of teh browser or use the svg rendering of the browser.So comparing "mathjax" to "mathml" is like comparing "firefox" to "html".  One is an implemetation, one os a language.

You're right, I put a forced title that confuses about the content of article itself. But I have tried MathML because it is a direct language, without any external library to parse my formulas again. Maybe I should fix the title with a more suitable "MathJax and MathML in my Drupal experience", like I explain more correctly in the preamble and in the rest of the article. Thank you for suggestion.

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