Latest features in Blender for CAD users

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2013-08-26 (last updated on 2015-04-12)
Latest features in Blender for CAD users

Recently it was released the 2.68 version of Blender, but already from the previous one there are an interesting feature and two useful addons for architectural measuring and modelling in 2D: Ruler/Protractor, Edge Tools VTX, Edge Tools, ArchimeshNEW and Window Generator 2NEW. Let me introduce them using some screencasts.

First of all, I suggest you to install the last Blender version via PPA on your Ubuntu (or Debian derivates), you have to type the following text in the terminal:

Sure, with Blender it can be done! Nicola Rainiero Mon, 06/24/2013 - 09:24
Sure, with Blender it can be done!

Thinking about the wide array of features that Blender has, almost competitive with many commercial 3D suites, I want to transform a 2D old project into a complete 3D model and much more. After collecting a lot of howtos, video, tips and so on, it's time to learn on how I can use it to improve and enhance my projects. So I want to start a new series of small tutorials on the features included in Blender such as modelling, texturing, rendering, animation, gaming and physics, with applying them in a real architecture design.