How to shuffle slyly a list of file with a bash script

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2017-02-12 (last updated on 2017-02-13)
How to shuffle slyly a list of file with a bash script

I present a little bash script to change the alphabetical order in a specified or working folder of files, simply adding a random prefix and checking that the resulting one differs from a fixed number of previous elements. I wrote it to shuffle a list of songs that I usually listen to my poor car radio, but I think that it could be useful also for presentation of a series of pictures via usb pen and a TV. In addition this script has a clean option that can rename the files to the original version, useful for make another mix.

A bash script multi-tool and easy editable Nicola Rainiero Mon, 05/20/2013 - 09:44
A bash script multi-tool and easy editable

I happen very often to convert/resize/rename a directory of files, so sometimes I can fix manually file by file or if there are many of the ones, I can modify an existent bash for accelerating the process. However it is a waste of time the changing the whole file to adapt it at the new commands (hazards are always lurking!).

Software to design a storm sewer system Nicola Rainiero Mon, 07/02/2012 - 09:55
Open source software to design a storm sewer system

I publish an open source code that calculates line by line the suitable diameter for a given sewer system, using the linear reservoir model. It can design according to three different variables: speed, shear stress or slope of the line. It gives a final report, useful for calculus relations or following elaborations.

Programming saved me from calculus Nicola Rainiero Sun, 06/17/2012 - 16:35
Programming wiht Sharp PC-E500S

At the beginning for necessity: I needed a tool to speed and to check the exercises at the University, today I reduced drastically times in designing.

Sometimes a casual event leads to a surprising result, like the finding of an twelve years old calculator, a Sharp PC-E500S in the original box and yet in a good state of conservation.