A tag cloud ordered by weight for Drupal using Views and Taxonomy Nicola Rainiero Sun, 07/12/2015 - 09:28
A tag cloud ordered by weight for Drupal using Views and Taxonomy

Last week I changed my default view for cloud tag with a new one that orders the taxonomy terms based on their weight. In other words, I sort them not into alphabetical order but into how many times a tag has been used in my articles. I post the code for the new View and the new style properties for the CSS of the default theme used in Drupal.

Related Content in Drupal 7 using Views Nicola Rainiero Mon, 05/13/2013 - 09:54
Related Content in Drupal 7 using Views

After some boring tests and three different types of tutorial that have never been able to work on my site, finally I have found the best compromise for me: a related content based on the taxonomy and placed as a block above the comments field. Here is my Views settings and how to insert the resulting block directly in the node.tpl.php template file.

In my opinion Similar/Relevant content is an appropriate manner for highlighting and linking the own posts. At the same time is a trick for increasing the permanence of visitors in my site!

Tag cloud in Drupal with Views & Taxonomy

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-11-28 (last updated on 2015-07-12)
Tag Cloud in Drupal with Views and Taxonomy

Taxonomy is a good tool to classify Drupal contents, this is a function inserted in the core and lets you to sign your articles with one or more keywords (i.e. tags). In the following tutorial I will show you how you can create a view block that visualize a list of tags with a simple count in function of the selected language, in other words the tag cloud.