How to stabilize a video using FFmpeg and vid.stab

Recently I have refurbished my HTC Re Camera, an old instant camera, because I wanted to make some videos. The results were very devastating: I discovered that I have a shaky hand! Fortunately there are FFmpeg and vid.stab that helped me to stabilize them. In this post I explain how to install this plugin and use it, then showing two comparison videos.

Exit pop up: a module for Drupal 8 to promote your activity

There are a lot of website full of call to action that instruct people to click a link, visit a page, buy something, register in a mailing list and so on, even when people exit from those sites. It's a nightmare, but might I ever omit this feature on my Drupal 8 site? Certainly not, so I show you how to add this pop up to your site, installing and configuring Exit Pop UP Module for Drupal 8.…

Trimming a PDF online with LaTeX: new feature added

I added a new chance to my LaTeX script that trims empty spaces from every PDF interactively and visually: the option to add the page number in the bottom of the final cropped PDF. It is also possible to do the cut online thanks to Overleaf. And now by editing two variables: it is possible to turn on/off the page number feature and to adjust its distance from the bottom of the page.

How parametric design can help in 3D printing

Sometimes you have to change a little aspect, as the text or one or more dimensions, of your object before printing. In these cases you can model from zero your object or try to edit it directly in your software. With OpenSCAD and the parametric design you have to simply edit a text or a variable in a editor and after a render you can save the STL file, ready to the slicer! I will show you two…

My first useful 3D printing: an example

In the video below I show you with an example how easy is became to design and make what you want to make, thanks to the 3D printing. Now it is also valid for a novice like me. I was looking for a support for the brush heads of an electric toothbrush, but I didn't find a cheap one in the shop so I downloaded a version from Thingverse and modified using Blender.

Python script to store and load your preferred desktop layout

Are you tired of having to load, place and resize the programs you normally use every time you start your computer? Would you like to have a simple program that does it for you automatically? Do you wish easily to switch from a series of programs oriented to different uses (office, internet, multimedia, CAD and 3D)? In the article I propose all this by presenting an easy-to-use Python script…

An awesome cover letter template in LaTeX

A good curriculum vitae must always be preceded or accompanied by an equally valid cover letter, I have always heard this or it can be read in almost all online guides. As a good awkward customer to this document I have always paid little attention focusing only on the classic CV and so to remedy this today I will publish a very good model found on the internet. It is in LaTeX but even those…

Another tool to avoid eye strain: Redshift

In Xubuntu 18.04 I had some problems with the functioning of f.lux, so I migrated to Redshift. These are software which adjusts the color temperature of your screen in order to prevent eye strain during night-time use and reduce disruption of sleep patterns. In this short article I show you how to install and setup it.

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