Storm sewer webapp: concept

Storm sewer webapp: concept

I will describe elements characterizing step by step the conversion of my storm sewer program into a web application fully available within any modern browser. It will also be equipped by a convenient graphical interface and by the powerful new features. Here I will insert the progress of works… more
Old technical dictionary 4 languages in PDF

Old technical dictionary 4 languages in PDF

In this article I show you a concrete example on the use of my previous tutorials about PDF optimizations, in particular I have added a new pagination, toc and bookmarks. The used PDF is a very old technical dictionary (in English, Italian, French and German), but it is not in copyright and for… more
Views a powerful module for Drupal

Views a powerful module for Drupal

Introductory article on this versatile add-on, that allows me to generate list of content in many types: from sliding images and tags-cloud in frontpage, to menu and lists of articles in other pages. Today I will describe some basic features and in the next tutorials I will show you how I… more
Horizontal grit chamber checking software

Horizontal grit chamber checking software

Simple programm written in a QuickBasic language and compiled in FreeBASIC, which allows you to verify an horizontal grit chamber. Once you have put the geometric section and the incoming flow, it computes using elementary formulation the shorter length of this hydraulic device. The… more
Using Inkscape to convert cartographic TIFF to DXF

Using Inkscape to convert TIFF to DXF

In this short tutorial I will explain how you can convert cartographic maps available in TIFF format to DXF, a vectorial standard available in most CAD software. The final result, nevertheless with some limitations and lacks, allows you a more productivity and improves the quality of design.… more
MathJax and MathML, two methods to integrating mathematical formulae on the WEB pages

MathJax and MathML in my Drupal site

When I was planning my site, one of many problems I had, was insertion of mathematical equations in my articles, but I found very soon in MathJax a useful solution. Some time after I discovered another method: MathML, even a recommendation of the W3C math working group! Here there are some personal… more
A little theory about the horizontal grit chamber

Horizontal grit chamber: theory

How to verify the selected horizontal grit chambers with the storm sewer previously designed? To do this I have used my old notes of Hydraulic Constructions, topic of this article, and the relative BASIC software that I will publish soon, after I have checked and cleaned the code. Theory Pre-… more
How to convert PDF to CBZ for a better legibility on eReader

PDF2CBZ for a better legibility on eReader

I admit it: my ebook reader has many problem in loading some type of PDFs, though I had made various tricks to fix this problem, like my site can testify! In last days I have tried a new approach, the conversion to CBZ, a type of archive file for the purpose of sequential viewing of images… more
How to configure notifications for comments in Drupal 7 using actions and triggers

Notify in Drupal using actions and triggers

Setting up actions and triggers and using tokens, it is possible to create an efficient method that inform by email the admin, after anonymous user inserts a new comment awaiting approval. Besides it notifies the anonymous of the approval of one's message and any replies, if has left email, as… more
FreeBASIC software to compute a sheet pile wall in layered soil

Sheet pile wall in layered soil

Some time ago I had to verify in a short time, different hypothesis for a sheet pile wall installation in a layered soil: fixing length and distance of the anchor from the surface. I have modified a BASIC program found in the Web, adapting it to my needs. THEORY EXAMPLE REFERENCE I used a computer… more