Tips to improve print style in Drupal

Tips to improve print style in Drupal

The CSS files in the default theme folder are an excellent starting point, because they are compatibles in almost all browsers and well tested, really in my site I modified and adapted the Bartik theme. Sometime modifications lead bad surprises in print style and so you need hide a few elements,… more
Tutorial for design a sewer, setting speed and using the program storm_sewer.exe

Design a storm sewer fixing speed

In this tutorial I will show you how to use my program, storm_sewer.exe, in order to design a system, fixing the speed line by line. The sewer data are taken by a duplicated lecture note, so you will able to compare my results with these. Besides I prove how a complex system could be subdivided for… more
How to add a clickable TOC to a PDF file

How to add a clickable TOC to a PDF file

The idea is like to adding bookmark using LaTeX, but in this case I insert a new table of contents, the resulting page numbering and a direct anchor to TOC in every page. How? Using LaTeX of course!Bookmarks are a valid tool, but contents perfectly integrated into a PDF is the best solution, above… more
Spritely: corrections and adjustments in Drupal

Spritely: corrections and adjustments

MAKE ATTENTION: In Drupal 8 is not possible to use drupal_add_library(), drupal_add_css() and drupal_add_js(), so this article written for Drupal 7 doesn't work anymore. I presented it as a interesting resource to layout design of your web site, I showed a working example in spite of a my error in… more
Examples of how to crop an entire PDF with LaTeX

How to crop a PDF using LaTeX

Very often you want to read comfortably on screen or on eBook reader, the PDFs created for printing: two side or slides of presentations (2 or more slides per page), without zooming or scrolling from side to side. After several fruitless searching I have found a great solution: LaTeX. With the help… more
Open source software to design a storm sewer system

Software to design a storm sewer system

I publish an open source code that calculates line by line the suitable diameter for a given sewer system, using the linear reservoir model. It can design according to three different variables: speed, shear stress or slope of the line. It gives a final report, useful for calculus relations or… more
Instructions to add bookmarks in PDFs

How to add bookmarks on PDFs

The convenience of a good index in printed documents is essential to ensure fast tracking of the desired content, and a rapid overview. In PDF files, however, the situation is different, they are always too slow and uncomfortable, not to mention of their consultation in the ebook reader. So the… more
About storm sewer design: an example

About storm sewer design: an example

For developing the theory of linear reservoir model, I will try to design a small system shaped by 2 pipelines. In this example I show some useful table and I introduce the input data and calculations, in order to facilitate the comprehension and the using of my forthcoming FreeBASIC program.… more
Spritely: an example in 4 steps

Spritely: an example in 4 steps

After installing spritely in your Drupal site or in another web space, it's time to action and to use its features to create and to insert animations in background or directly in your Internet page. I explain how to produce an animation for contents in Drupal, with a bad final surprise. Firstly it… more
Image for "About storm sewer design: an overview"

About storm sewer design: an overview

In the past I created a little BASIC program to help me in the design of a storm sewer system, using the linear reservoir model. I am going to publish my work, but first I will introduce briefly the theory linked to this one. The article won't be too didactic and detailed, to do this I put some… more