How to crop and split a PDF online and in LaTeX but without using it

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2015-03-29 (last updated on 2015-03-30)
Crop and split a PDF online just editing a quick template in LaTeX

Every time I have to break iteratively a series of pages in a PDF document or just to crop the white pieces, I need to use different software and to find manually the coordinates of the sections to cut and then adjust my old LaTeX template. It is an extenuating procedure that requires the use of external software and some compilations to fix the cuts. So I have written a new template to overcome these issues, thanks to TikZ and Overleaf or a local TeX editor with live update.

How to crop a PDF using LaTeX

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-07-06 (last updated on 2015-03-29)
Examples of how to crop an entire PDF with LaTeX

Very often you want to read comfortably on screen or on eBook reader, the PDFs created for printing: two side or slides of presentations (2 or more slides per page), without zooming or scrolling from side to side. After several fruitless searching I have found a great solution: LaTeX. With the help of 2 different types of PDFs, I show you how to automatically crop them.