Wind curtain effect with Spritely

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-08-09 (last updated on 2012-08-13)
Wind curtain effect with Spritely

In this brief tutorial I will explain how to create a wind effect on a curtain in order to use it like a background on site header that I am updating. Measuring out the linear gradient of curtain, adding shadows and wavelike motion in the ends, it is possible to simulate a fairly good movement in spite of some blemish. All in all it gives the page layout more dynamic and beautiful.

Spritely: corrections and adjustments

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-07-15

I presented it as a interesting resource to layout design of your web site, I showed a working example in spite of a my error in template page definition. Then I conclude the review with another insert mode and an unfruitful try to install it as a module.

After the Spritely: an example in 4 steps article, I convinced myself that the procedure of inserting animation was wrong, because in Drupal literature you use another form. So when I saw in the bottom of the page the final text twice, I thought it was a problem of spritely. However it was my fault, like I found in another article with comments.

In these pages I read a partial HTML comment, "Mio codice -->", an old code forgot in page.tpl.php. In the specific case the original Drupal code to print the Welcome in NAME OF YOUR SITE in the front page, when content is empty. Once cleaned this template file, the problem was disappeared and animation works very well.

Second insert mode

I tested another type of insertion using the instructions found in HOWTO: Add a jQuery effect, but the final result has two disadvantages:

  1. at the first loading, Drupal shows this amusing warning:
  2. the comment form looses the WYSIWYG editor.
    standard comment form altered comment form

This is the example and my code:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_add_js() in /membri/rainnic/modules/php/php.module(81) : eval()'d code on line 56