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Working from scratch, following simplicity

Added the Digital Competence subsection to my LaTeX Europass CV template

Recently thanks to a comment in my unofficial version of Europass CV, I have discovered the existence of the Digital Competence in the official and Giacomo Mazzamuto one. So I have firstly updated my CV and then the template hosted on GitHub and Overleaf. In the article there are a few notes about the new addition, the description of the digital competence and how to insert it in the LaTeX template.

I have only copied and pasted the code found in the fantastic version of Giacomo Mazzamuto, but I don't like the use of SVG icons in his version and the lack of the possibility to keep two or more languages in the same document.

I prefer to adopt The MarVoSym Font Package for some icons and to draw the others with TikZ, I think that it should be more convenient to maintain and share that class.

Moreover the use of the comment package has the ability to create not only a multi-language CV but a text with modular sections that can be turned off/on depending on the demands.

Added Digital Competence to my Europass CV template

What is the Digital Competence?

Digital  technologies  are  key drivers  of  innovation, growth and job creation in a global economy. Not everybody however, has the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to use digital technologies in a critical, collaborative and creative way. This digital competence is becoming a must for employability and active citizenship.  As part of the EUROPASS-CV an assessment of the 21 competences along 3 has been added in order to provide the possibility to describe which competence one has or not and at which proficiency level. The statements and descriptors which are closest to the individual person's perceived proficiency level of knowledge, skills and competence is then being summarised on the CV1 .

In according to the self-assessment of digital competences has 5 fields:

  1. Information processing
  2. Content creation
  3. Communication
  4. Problem solving
  5. Safety

And the three levels of proficiency are (in brackets the LaTeX descriptor used to describe them):

  1. Basic user (\ecvBasic)
  2. Independent user (\ecvIndependent)
  3. Proficient use (\ecvProficient)


In my LaTeX template you have to write simply a code like this:


Of course if you are a LaTeX user, you are proficient in every digital fields!


You can find and download my LaTeX Europass CV in Overleaf and GitHub at these following links:

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