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Working from scratch, following simplicity

An awesome cover letter template in LaTeX

A good curriculum vitae must always be preceded or accompanied by an equally valid cover letter, I have always heard this or it can be read in almost all online guides. As a good awkward customer to this document I have always paid little attention focusing only on the classic CV and so to remedy this today I will publish a very good model found on the internet. It is in LaTeX but even those who do not know this language can easily modify it online following my guide.

The original version is here, Byungjin Park is the author and he was inspired by this one.

Changes applied by me

Compared to my other LaTeX models, this time I only added the possibility to switch from Italian to English and vice versa, for the rest it presents many useful features. Let's see some of them.

An awesome cover letter template in LaTeX

The language

The model is in English, but to switch to Italian just change this text from this:

\usepackage[UKenglish]{babel} % UKenglish or italian
\includecomment{en} % English language
\excludecomment{it} % Italian language


\usepackage[italian]{babel} % UKenglish or italian
\excludecomment{en} % English language
\includecomment{it} % Italian language

The color

Then there is the possibility to change the color that distinguish it, with some pre-set or defining a specific one, which is very useful if you want to personalize your letter with a color similar to the destination company.

% Color for highlights
% Awesome Colors: awesome-emerald, awesome-skyblue, awesome-red, awesome-pink, awesome-orange
%                 awesome-nephritis, awesome-concrete, awesome-darknight
% Uncomment if you would like to specify your own color
% \definecolor{awesome}{HTML}{CA63A8}

% Colors for text
% Uncomment if you would like to specify your own color
% \definecolor{darktext}{HTML}{414141}
% \definecolor{text}{HTML}{333333}
% \definecolor{graytext}{HTML}{5D5D5D}
% \definecolor{lighttext}{HTML}{999999}


In addition to the classics you can specify many other contacts such as skype, linkedin, twitter, etc. By modifying this portion of code:

\email{[email protected]}
%\extrainfo{extra informations}

The coloured sections

Finally, if you do not like the coloured sections and subtitles, I suggest you to comment them by adding the "%" character to the beginning of the line.


You can find and download my cover letter template in Overleaf and GitHub at these following links:

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