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Working from scratch, following simplicity

Old technical dictionary 4 languages in PDF

In this article I show you a concrete example on the use of my previous tutorials about PDF optimizations, in particular I have added a new pagination, toc and bookmarks. The used PDF is a very old technical dictionary (in English, Italian, French and German), but it is not in copyright and for some words is yet useful.

Generally to facilitate my translations I use the following sites:

Sometimes for specialisti terms I consult:

Particularly Wikipedia allows me to view the definition of the word and if I am lucky to know automatically the translation in the wanted language.

All the same, with few words the translation problems still remain and during my research I found this old dictionary:

Technical dictionary in four languages: Free Download & Streaming: Internet Archive

Well, I have downloaded the PDF version, described in this manner:

  • Pages 938
  • Page size: 297x441 pt
  • File size: 72,50 MB
  • No toc and bookmarks. Necessity to view the page-display in Two-Up continuous modality in order to consult in the same page the 4 columns with the relative languages. 

After my conversion:

  • Pages 464
  • Page size: 546x441 pt
  • File size: 71,50 MB
  • With toc and bookmarks and new pagination: in every pages all the 4 columns.

I have tried to reduce the file size without compromise the quality, but with poor results! So I have desisted and I have executed only a new pagination with this command and excluding the unuseful pages:

\includepdf[nup=2x1, pages={9,11,14-933}]{technicaldiction00webbrich.pdf} 

First LaTeX file

So I have created a first file only to pagination, called add_toc.tex:

\includepdf[nup=2x1, pages={9,11,14-933}]{technicaldiction00webbrich.pdf}

Usually I run pdflatex twice to resolve references and then using JPdfBookmarks I have added bookmarks in this pdf. When finished I have exported them in the segnalibri.txt file:


Second LaTeX file

I have used my script and I have added the resulting text file in technical_dictionary_with_toc.tex:

\let\@oddhead\@empty% header empty on odd pages
\let\@evenhead\@empty% header empty on even pages
pdftitle={Technical dictionary in four languages: English, Italian, French and German (1917)},
pdfsubject={London, Whittaker & co., shared by},
pdfauthor={Webber, Edoardo}
1,chapter,1,{Title \& Abbreviations},a
\setcounter{secnumdepth}{0} % not section numbers
\setcounter{tocdepth}{1} % sections in the toc


All the text files (tex e txt) are here:

Original pdf is available here.

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