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Working from scratch, following simplicity

Template for a business card using LaTeX

If you have to prepare your business (or visiting) card and you don't have enough time, you can try ticket.sty, a simple interface to produce these ones and other types as: labels for your files, stickers, pins and other stuff for your office, conferences etc. I put my version (with some hints and additions) of the template for business card.

Regarding ticket.sty written by Thomas Emmel: information, examples and manual are here. I downloaded and modified ex_vcard.tex example for my purposes.

Make attention: in my template I have added the marvosym package (in order to show the symbols for email, website, and so on). You have to install it in Ubuntu and similars, how? Open a terminal shell and add the following text:

sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended ttf-marvosym
my final business card
This is the final PDF file (the image full of square dots is the QR code of my website generated using Create QR Code)

Below there is my final template, the online version shared by WriteLaTeX and the zip file:

% ticket.sty example file for visiting cards
% use the corresponding paper size for your ticket definition

% load ticket.sty with the appropriate ticket definition
% \usepackage[tdf-file,other options]{ticket}
% check in tdf directory the zw32010.tdf file:
% it is the definition of a ticket (margin, number, size)
% in this case a standard business card type
% emptycrossmark is:
% A crossmark where the part of the cross inside the ticket is not visible
% other choices are: crossmark, circlemark, emptycrossmark, cutmark, boxed

% load misc stuff
% Allow the use of symbols (mobile phone, email, etc.)

% define something

% make your default ticket. \ticketdefault is somewhat like a background
% here it is empty, because we use different tickets for the front an
% the back of our card

% now what do you like to put in your ticket
% \put(X,Y)
% the coordinate system starts from the left bottom corner
\put( 60, -1){\includegraphics[width=45mm,angle=90,origin=bl]{logo}}
\put( 14, 12){\includegraphics[width=40mm,angle=90,origin=bl]{logo1}}
\put( 5, 12){\color{uni}\line(1,0){56}}
\put( 11, 12.5){\Large Rainnic in the Clouds}
\put( 7,9.0){\footnotesize \textit{Working from scratch, following simplicity}}
\put( 15, 3){{\Large\ComputerMouse} \small}
\put( 7.5, 24){{\Large\Mobilefone} \small}
\put( 7, 20){{\Large\Letter} \small}
\put(6,40){\bfseries\LARGE #1}
\put(15,24){\small #3}
\put(15,20){\small #4}
\put( 7,16){\small #5}

\put( 7, 26){\small private:}
\put( 5, 23){\color{uni}\line(1,0){56}}
\put( 7,19){\small%

% a counter, which makes life easier...


% ten cards for the front
\vcardfront{$\quad \quad \quad \; \;$ Nicola Rainiero}{$\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \; \,$ Civil Engineer -- IT Enthusiast}{+44 (0)XXXX XXXXXX}{[email protected]}{}}


% and ten for the backside
% \stepcounter{numcards}%
% \vcardback{phone: ---/HH HH HHH\\fax: ---/HH HH HHH\\homestreet 7\\everywhere}}
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Nicola Rainiero

A civil geotechnical engineer with the ambition to facilitate own work with free software for a knowledge and collective sharing. Also, I deal with green energy and in particular shallow geothermal energy. I have always been involved in web design and 3D modelling.