What kind of tools can I use for a webApp?

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-10-31

For my future web application, I have searched the best language in order to make it available on the most number of available platforms. I think that the AJAX and DOM are a good solution and with the help of jQuery library, I can reach a discrete number of device, overcoming the cross-browser problems and at the same time saving many rows of code.

So the client (i.e. your browser) after loading of the software page, will run the application and will load a few data of the server, without to reload of the entire page every time you change some items. This is possible thanks to combinations of AJAX and DOM. Moreover the server will contain two XML files: one for multi-language support and one for default settings that the user can update, load and save with its data.


It is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, it is not a programming language but a combinations of technologies (DHTML, Javascript and XML).

Well, AJAX has some negative aspects: it depends of your browser that needs to have:

  • Javascript support;
  • DOM HTML support;
  • tools for XML parsing.

Besides every browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) to execute Javascript with XML adopt several methods conflicting among their, including old releases! So I had to find a Javascript library that saved me to write n-conditions to define a single operation.

Between Sarissa and jQuery libraries, I have choosen the second, because it is more diffuse and has some useful functions to simplify and to get better my future app.

For example to select a div called with id=”prova”, I should write:

var selected = document.getElementById('prova');

On the contrary with jQuery:

var selected = $('#prova');



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