Curriculum Vitae

 Nicola Rainiero Profile^

A civil geotechnical engineer with the ambition to facilitate own work with free software for a knowledge and collective sharing.

In details:

My education and working experience in an infographic timeline

 Work Experience^

From 09/2015 Steward, cashier, wakeful and technical supervisor, Coopgress - Verona 83, Padua.
  Acquired progressive experience in managing a group of workers, accepted growing responsibilities and different tasks to enhance organisation and structural and fire control at PadovaFiere.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • obtained a certification for forklift truck operator released by Loges srl;
  • steward and fire warden of congress, concerts, exhibitions at PadovaFiere in Padua;
  • guarded and checked the property of PadovaFiere (11 pavilions and parking areas with 1,100 parking spaces) during exhibitions and their outfitting/clearing out;
  • after demonstrating punctuality, honesty, reliability and hardworking skills, promoted to foreman (supervised more than 30 workers per day);
  • managed petty cash and kept books in parking areas (even € 9,000 per day);
  • diligent and skilled at running busy crowded shows (also 10,000 visitors per day) and staff while remaining calm under pressure at all times;
  • willed to work on evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays;
  • receptionist at PadovaFiere;
  • porter at PadovaFiere, Health Service of Padova, District of Padova;
  • technical supervisor for structural and fire control safety.
and from 01/2017
Technical Reviewer, Packt Publishing Ltd - Birmingham (UK).
  Reviewed some technical documents, using mainly cloud services like GitHub.
05/2015 External collaborator on a commercial research, Ergo srl - Pisa.
  About the pilot project PRISCA, funded by the European Commission through the program Life Plus and at the headquarters of the Cooperativa Insieme in Vicenza:
  • designed and developed Forex panels for the exhibition stand, following the latest research in the field of green advertising and involvement;
  • administered appropriate questionnaires in response to certain visual incentives;
  • collected data.
06-12/2014 Internship, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Institute of Management, Pisa.
  As part of the REGEOCITIES project funded by the IEE Program with ambitious objectives regarding Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems: 
  • analysis of the non-technical administrative and regulatory barriers at local and regional levels;
  • coding using NVivo software of the SEAP documents, developed by European local authorities within the own initiatives regarding groundsource systems;
  • life-cycle cost review of ground-coupled heat pump systems in Europe.
2010-2012 Freelance engineer, Project S.C.A R.L., Rovigo.
  Trainee and collaborator in a professional corporation of architectural and engineering design. Visually interpreted construction details and building compositions. Resolved together with clients, designers, contractors and local agencies a myriad of engineering and design issues.
Skills developed:
  • dealt administrative paperwork related to building permits, licences and contracts;
  • survey and graphic representation in plan, section and elevation views;
  • CAD drawing (paper and space model, dynamic blocks and tables, AutoLISP);
  • writing software for simplifying the following activities:
  • geotechnical report for superficial and deep foundations;
  • hydraulic report for collection and disposal of storm sewer systems;
  • stability report of masonry structures, simple or armed in seismic zone;
  • structural relationship to a prefabricated scaffolding in contravention of authorization manual.
2012 Professional updating course on DM 2008 (Italian Construction Works Rules, focus on the implementing of Eurocodes 6,7 and 8) at Association of Engineers in Rovigo.
2006-2011 Steward, cashier and wakeful, Coopgress - Verona 83, Padua.
2008 Instructed to fire safety situations for activities at high risk of fire with certification issued by the Fire Department of Padua.
2003-2004 Journalist in a weekly magazine, Area Sport, Rovigo.
  Written and published a hundred sporting articles with interviews and photographs, relating to the S.S. Rugby Villadose: first team and the youth sector.


1997-2010 Postgraduate in Civil Engineering - Geotechnical field, Università degli studi di Padova, Padua, final degree mark 84/110. Approximate equivalent to British Bachelor degree standard (3rd).
Masters Thesis
Title: Legislative and design aspects related to the ground energy systems
Supervisor Professor ing. Marco Favaretti, Mentor ing. Luigi Ferrari
Description: It is focused on low enthalpy geothermal systems, studied from a geotechnical and environmental perspective. At the same time the document offers a concise vision of this subject with its merits and demerits analysing the thermogeological theories on which these systems are based.
1991-1997 Secondary school certificate, Liceo Scientifico G. Sichirollo, Rovigo, final mark 45/60. Approximate equivalent to BBB UK GCE Advanced Level grades.

 Qualifications and Courses^

2017 Workshop on BIM – the new design method based on integration, promoted by
Association of Engineers and WAVIN ITALIA SPA.
2017 Workshop on Doing business with an app: becomes an App Developer, promoted by Association of Engineers and Fenice Green Energy Park.
2017 Workshop on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and their use in engineering, promoted by Association of Engineers.
2017 Workshop on Foundations and retaining structures: ground-structure interaction and IT applications supported by FEM method, promoted by Association of Engineers.
2016 Workshop on Finite element modelling to study soil in Geotechnical Engineering, promoted by Association of Engineers.
2016 Workshop on Materials testing for structural use, promoted by Association of Engineers and Geoconsulting, with technical visit at the Geoconsulting laboratory.
2016 Workshop on Special geognostic surveys, promoted by Association of Engineers.
2016 Completed with distinction a course in ColWri2.2x: English Grammar and Essay Writing, promoted online by edX and BerkeleyX.
2015 Completed with distinction two courses in HTML5.1x: Web Design Fundamentals and HTML5.2x: HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps, promoted online by W3Cx and edX.
2015 Completed with distinction a course in Éléments de Géomatique, promoted online by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Coursera.
2015 Continuing education course on Radiant Heating Systems (second module), at Wavin Solutions Center in Occhibello (RO).
2015 Conference on New horizons in fire prevention, promoted by Rovigo Association of Engineers, in order to show the new technical fire prevention standards.
2015 Continuing education course on Radiant Heating Systems (first module), at Wavin Solutions Center in Occhibello (RO).
2014 Workshop on Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems and LEGEND Project, promoted by Veneto Region at Museo dei Grandi Fiumi in Rovigo.
2014 Continuing education course on Storm Sewer Management, promoted by Association of Engineers and Wavin Italia SpA, at Wavin Solutions Center, Occhiobello (RO).
2014 Continuing education course on Seismic Geotechnics, promoted by Rovigo Association of Engineers.
2014 Completed with distinction a course in Maps and the Geospatial Revolution, promoted online by Coursera and Pennsylvania State University.
2014 Completed with distinction a course in Exploratory Data Analysis, promoted online by Coursera and Johns Hopkins University.
2014 Completed with distinction a course in The Data Scientist's Toolbox, promoted online by Coursera and Johns Hopkins University.
2014 Completed with distinction a course in Web Application Architectures, promoted online by Coursera and University of New Mexico.
2013 Completed with distinction a course in Structure Standing Still: The Statics of Everyday Objects, promoted online by Coursera and University of Florida.
2013 Completed with distinction a course in An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, promoted online by Coursera and Rice University.
2013 Achieved General English Course, Eastbourne School of English, Eastbourne, CEFR level: B1.
From 2010 Enrolled at Association of Engineers, Rovigo, no. 1240, section A.
2010 Professional Engineer, Italian State Examination, Padua.

 Computer skills^

Basic Python, fem, Octave (clone Matlab), Sismicad, Plaxis, Straus.
Intermediate Web design and admin, Drupal 7, Graphics 2D & 3D, Office suites, Microsoft Windows, Linux.
Advanced CAD, Computer Hardware and Support.

 Communication & Technical Skills^

From 2012 Implementation of a dynamic web site in Drupal 7 and 8 with publication of material relating to the engineering profession and IT in general.
2003-2009 Press Agent at Villadose Rugby Company. Realized in 2007 a promotional video for the First Feast of the Associations of Villadose and subsequently posted on YouTube. The movie through three sections tells the thirty-year history of passion, sacrifice and satisfaction of this Club.
2003 Composition and performing of a reenactment show, that it has been interpreted by Legio I Italica Group at the Ludi Savarienses festival in Szombathely (a big annual Hungarian event)..
2002 Oral Presentation at the 4th Congress of Experimental Archaeology with Reconstruction of Roman legionary cuirasses. Description of a reproduction of a lorica segmentata and hamata.
2002 Foreman of Villadose's Archaelogical Group for mounting and greeting visitor to the stand of Rovigo District at the XXV International Exhibition L'Italia in Giappone in Osaka.
2000 Jubilee volunteer in Rome as pilgrims information clerk.


Italian Mothertongue
English Understanding, Speaking, Writing: B1 (Certified by Eastbourne School of English in 2013)
French Understanding, Speaking, Writing: A1 (Basic words and phrases only)

 Interests & hobbies^

Rugby Jogging
Open Source Software Experiment archaeology

 PDF Format^

Full version of my curriculum vitae in PDF format: cv_Nicola_Rainiero_en.pdf
(last update on 2018/01/08)