How to refresh an application with bash: useful twitter

If you have the necessity to refresh or reload every a specified time an application that doesn't have this feature, you can adapt my bash script to your duties. Indeed it allows you to kill and reload an application in the same position after a fixed interval of time. I wrote it to refresh every 10 minutes the timeline of Corebird a third-party twitter client.

The Japanese method: do multiplications with fun

You learn something new every day, indeed I discovered a new way to do multiplications with much fun: the Japanese method. The approach is pretty graphical but obviously the maths is the same used in the traditional method. I show you in a video four examples and a gallery with a comparison of the two techniques. Sure you will appreciate it and amazing your friends with awesome maths!

ImageMagick: two fast methods to make a GIF from images

Free software helps you a lot in many fields, even in generating a GIF animation from images. I wan to show you the use of "convert", a command line tools of ImageMagick, can easily solve this task with two awesome methods: one that simply creates a transition between a series of images and another that makes a morphing among them. Let's see how.

5 sites to add copyright-free music to your videos

Many times I want to add a good and appropriate music to my videos, but if I don't check the license and the permission of that track I risk to obtain a copyright infringement notification from Youtube or Facebook and I have already collected it 7 times on 29 public videos. I want to explain the type of license you can use to add music for free in your videos and I have selected 5 resources…

How to extract night and holiday hours from your Calendar

It's time to update my Google Apps Script that exports calendar events into a spreadsheet. I use it to comparison my worked hours with the month payroll, so putting all my shifts on Google Calendar I have in automatic a sheet with all the shifts data. I added how to extract night and holiday hours and count the worked days in a range of dates.

Template for Developer CV with my updates and cover letter

I was just a little annoyed to use the same Curriculum Vitae templates and so I have choice another one that I found on LaTeXTemplates: the Developer CV. I updated it inserting the cover letter with the same header of the CV, the space for a profile image near the name and a easy setup of the colours that highlight each section of the document. As always in the article I put the download links…

How to stabilize a video using FFmpeg and vid.stab

Recently I have refurbished my HTC Re Camera, an old instant camera, because I wanted to make some videos. The results were very devastating: I discovered that I have a shaky hand! Fortunately there are FFmpeg and vid.stab that helped me to stabilize them. In this post I explain how to install this plugin and use it, then showing two comparison videos.

Exit pop up: a module for Drupal 8 to promote your activity

There are a lot of website full of call to action that instruct people to click a link, visit a page, buy something, register in a mailing list and so on, even when people exit from those sites. It's a nightmare, but might I ever omit this feature on my Drupal 8 site? Certainly not, so I show you how to add this pop up to your site, installing and configuring Exit Pop UP Module for Drupal 8.…

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