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Some links with LaTeX models… |→
In these last days I had to find another template for my resume, because people suggest me that Europass CV style is not much appreciate in England. I hope that the following links and examples shall… more
Slope Stability Analysis with… |→
In my opinion SSAP2010 is an interesting freeware to verify slope stability and despite of other commercial softwares, it considers some inhomogeneities for example: soils, groundwater at different… more
Slideshow of the last articles… |→
I completed my home page with a slideshow of the last articles, creating a new type of content for this goal and putting inside only the ones I want to do appear in that rotating box. Next I put them… more
Thesis template with LaTeX
Today, I will publish the template used for my thesis, it has been updated with the new glossaries package, cleaned and well commented. I think that it is still useful to writing this type of… more
Hierarchic menu in Drupal with… |→
In this article I will explain you how to use relationship tags, in order to create a block with Views that contains a hierarchic menu. I also made a custom module to show only the correct localized… more
Hide DIVs for forms with jQuery… |→
Writing my first web application to design a storm sewer system, I'm studying a solution to load the proper form according to user selection. I will show you a provisional code to solve this demand.… more

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