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My thesis template for LaTeX… |→
After many years I have written and published my first article on a thesis template in LaTeX, I verify that it still keeps on being visited and… more
Two steps to embedding an… |→
Sometimes you have the necessity to put in a fixed position of every article of your site a block of content, in my case one or more adverts, but… more
How to shuffle slyly a list of… |→
I present a little bash script to change the alphabetical order in a specified or working folder of files, simply adding a random prefix and checking… more
Added the Digital Competence… |→
Recently thanks to a comment in my unofficial version of Europass CV, I have discovered the existence of the Digital Competence in the official and… more
How to embed a Google Photo… |→
This article is addressed to orphans of Picasa Web Album and its practical function to put an album slideshow in a web page, not to mention the… more
Installation and a practical… |→
The Resynthesizer Plugin Suite contains a practical tool for Gimp that allows you to remove the objects in your pictures after covering them with the… more

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