Destination Eastbourne

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2013-01-01 (last updated on 2015-06-01)

May it be a good year for Everyone, in spite of financial crisis and outlook's lack, in 2013 I will face an uphill struggle, more precisely I take a flight to Eastbourne in England, where I am going to attend a General English course and then I will be able to check out new job opportunities. For a while I will have to wear again student's suit and confront myself with people younger than me, but I will get out stronger, at least in English!

I had this idea some time ago, but I was blocked by my old "guaranteed" works, my indolence and hesitation on what and how done it. Well, now some obstacles are vanished and on the sixth January I leave by plane.

It will be a half planned adventure, becouse during the Course I will live in an English Family and attend the Eastbourne School of English in the daytime.

This journey was possible thanks to Imparo Inglese Agency and to Martina Ercolini who has proved to be professional and very capable. I don't know which I will find in United Kingdom, but I want to conquer a better future and get trust again in Neighbor and in my abilities.

And now let the adventure begin!

Me at The Venice Airport (photo by Felicia)
Me at The Venice Airport (photo by Felicia)

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