Rebirth of a dead site walking?

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-07-11 (last updated on 2012-07-30)

Some week ago I took part in a meeting of old youthful rugby players nearby the Villadose Club House, at the same time there was a beautiful promotion initiative dedicated to kids. So watching their enthusiasm and teamwork of their parents, I decided to fix the old site of the Rugby Villadose that I have realized eight years ago. Although it is seasoned, can be again an useful tool of promotion and information.

In the past I edited and updated for free, the ASD Rugby Villadose 1976 web site, firstly as a player in the 2003/2004 Season and then as a simple freelance in the odd moments. Until the 2008/2009 Season I was able to keep it updated with the help of good assistants, after this Season without any helper, I used two clever tricks to automate its updating: catching the articles published by, as you can see here (maybe I will show you in details how I did).

Evolution/Involution of the site


Active news: 62
Comments: 90

Active news: 67
Comments: 30

Active news: 71
Comments: 82


Active news: 105
Comments: 233

Active news: 129
Comments: 23

Active news: 139
Comments: 37


Dal 2009/2010
Active news: 0
Comments: 0

Active news: (I'M WAITING)
Comments: (I'M WAITING)


I had no intention of changing this situation, but the annual meeting of "Fioi de Gianni e Nane" rossoblu vs "Quandocheggiocavoio" petrarchini was in Villadose rugby facilities! In that occasion I have seen my old field and the enthusiasm of many kids, parents and managers that were preparing the conclusion of Sport evoluzione naturale del gioco. I liked this movement and teamwork, so distant from the professionalism showed off by seniores team. Today there are yet people that spend their free times for sons, relations and friends.

I met the new coordinator, Pierangelo Mazzetto, and though the first impression was no good (but that night I drunk many beers), I decide to fix the old site of the Rugby Villadose and give to him a valid tool to promote in the web the activities of the Company.

Features of the site

The CMS is not evolved as Drupal, but it uses CuteNews v1.4.6 unregistered version, that allows to:

  • add news and Feed RSS (from seniores team category to rugby in the primary school category);
  • add menus and short news in some part of the page (meetings and results); 
  • different User Levels with the auto-registration module and restricted access; 
  • WYSIWYG editor, with the ability to insert photo using roadtrip function of Lightbox v2.04;
  • visitors can post comments.

Some significant image:

Login with the auto-registration functionWYSIWYG editor
Pop-up to insert images in the newsPage to edit the news

I think that this small and obsolete web site can still be a valid tool for promoting and inform and I hope that enthusiasm and passion seen in the Villadose facilities, could make it more full of news and informations.

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