Sheet pile wall in layered soil

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2012-08-26

Some time ago I had to verify in a short time, different hypothesis for a sheet pile wall installation in a layered soil: fixing length and distance of the anchor from the surface. I have modified a BASIC program found in the Web, adapting it to my needs.

I used a computer program written by Arnold Verruijt, emeritus professor of soil mechanics of the Delft University of Technology, and available in the Soil Mechanics book. While here you can find advanced reports and software concerning geotechnical.

I realized a simple software written and compiled in FreeBASIC that it calculates 4 lengths: the first optimal and the others depending on user choice, for each of them it outputs the anchor force, the shear force and the bending moment. I don't use any technical law (NTC 2008 or Eurocodes), because I needed a simple idea of pre-design.

Source and binaries (for Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.10) are available in the following zip file:


palancola_su_stratificato.bas program is based on Blum's Method as explained in chapter 37 and 38 of Soil Mechanics (see reference).


Sheet pile wall used in this example

The example is the same used in his book. In fact running the program I obtain that the length of the sheet pile wall must be 2.532 m, and the anchor force T = 4.751 kN/m.

Here is it useful screen outputs, that might help you in the use of this software:

General data First layer Second layer
Results Results Results



  • Soil Mechanics written by Arnold Verruijt, emeritus professor of soil mechanics of the Delft University of Technology

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