Sure, with Blender it can be done!

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2013-06-24 (last updated on 2013-08-29)

Thinking about the wide array of features that Blender has, almost competitive with many commercial 3D suites, I want to transform a 2D old project into a complete 3D model and much more. After collecting a lot of howtos, video, tips and so on, it's time to learn on how I can use it to improve and enhance my projects. So I want to start a new series of small tutorials on the features included in Blender such as modelling, texturing, rendering, animation, gaming and physics, with applying them in a real architecture design.

There are a lot of resource on these topics, sometimes it is possible to reach a result in many ways... that's awesome but can be a waste of time in the searching of the best method which fits on me. The only solution is to start to experiment and train yourself with a target.

My existent 2D project was the qualification of an old stable in offices, but this time I want change and transform it, probably in an agritourism (I haven't yet decided). This is the original state:

 Original 2D CAD projectA clunky attempt to transform a 2D project into 3D! 
Original CAD projectA clunky attempt to transform it into 3D!

Below there are the possible articles and topics:

  • Import DXF into Blender & fast settings
  • Latest features in Blender for CAD users
  • Modelling from 2D to 3D, techniques and my way
  • Modelling the details
  • Create the nature: plants, grass and water
  • Add people and other objects
  • Rendering outside
  • Rendering inside
  • Internal and external renders for Blender: pros and cons
  • Publication of the final 3D model in PDF documents and websites
  • Merging 3D model into a 2D photo
  • Animation and physics
  • Camera tracking
  • Game engine to create a walk-through
  • Demo reel
  • Cycles? Probably after I will get a powerful hardware!

It shouldn't be too much ambitious, should it? Yet I suppose it's the only way to acquire these skills. Anyway I won't put complete and exhaustive tutorials (i.e. boring guides), but highlight the best practise that I found on internet, sometimes describing my variations, whenever will be necessary.

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