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Working from scratch, following simplicity

About me

Fototessera NR

Welcome into the Clouds, a personal site that gathers my thoughts, notes, programs and projects, beginning from scratch and following the simplicity! I am going to describe myself shortly and I will write about the purpose and the content of this unfounded space.

My name is Nicola Rainiero and I am a civil engeneer specialist in geotechnical. Some time ago I was an amateur rugby player and later a vexillifer reenactor as estimator of experimental archaeology in Ancient Roman Story. From these passions joined by interest and curiosity in computer science, I realized the following internet sites:

  • Rugby Villadose, for six sports seasons I helped to keep it updated as a journalist, today it keeps itself abreast of the times automatically, finding news from on-line resources;
  • Legio I Italica, this site and homonym Group allowed me to know experimental archeology and visit fantastic and historical places, moreover I met exceptional persons;
  • De Legione Romana, personal site in which I published a small part of howtos and researches in experimental archeology. I wish I could take again this activity but nowadays is out of my reach.

The computer science took me since I had 6 years old, when my father introduced me know an 8 bit home computer. I retain a clear memory of my Commodore VIC 20 and the days dedicated to copy and rielaborate the basic programs pubblished in its manual. It was exciting watching in the television the outputs of a simple english words put in a specific order. Sometime it seemed that my computer had printed the correct results because exhausted!

In time I have remained updated on the hardware situation, money allowing of course, but I have always suffered, without knowing it, the Microsoft predominanceTM (DOS and after Microsoft Windows). I have discovered the real computer science at the University, in the Numerical Analysis Laboratory of Aula Didattica Taliercio ... It was a terrible shock! A blow under the belt, because I considered myself a genious and in front of an old linux terminal I wasn't able to logging into this system. I wondered: "Why I don't see asterisks or letters when I press the equivalent key? It isn't broken keyboard, is it?" Since that moment it has always been an uphill struggle road and nevertheless I can say that I remain a beginner!

But joking aside, I was impressed and fascinated by free software and above all by open source that provided clean and fast instructions at these old computers. I could not understand why many people spent their free time to develop and to optimize software freely downloadable, without any profit.
By the time I appreciated pros and cons of this type of approach, gradually acquiring new knowledge and sharing their philosophy.

Today and in particular since I graduated, I try to simplify my life with free software and at the same time I learn interesting things about computer science and high-level programming language. Sometimes I obtain good results, others bads. The main reason is due to the fact that I have short time to elaborate and test my applications. So when I have finished and used them for the expiry of the necessity, I place them in a drawer for next time. Later I always leave my improvements in this drawer and I restart from the beginning!

In a few words, the reasons that led me in this new adventure are the following:

  • to collect and improve my projects and notes;
  • to receive suggestions, criticisms and opinions so I can acquire new knowledge and adress my study;
  • to improve and test day by day my poor English;
  • trivially to publicize my abilities and get in contact with others dreamers like me.

Enjoy my website!

Nicola Rainiero

A civil geotechnical engineer with the ambition to facilitate own work with free software for a knowledge and collective sharing. Also, I deal with green energy and in particular shallow geothermal energy. I have always been involved in web design and 3D modelling.