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A LISP for printing a CAD… |→
In the following article, I described a piece of LISP code that once loaded a DXF or DWG file, enlarges some text, changes the colour of layers and… more
How to copy a Drupal website… |→
Generally speaking, it is the opposite, because people need to port online their website after creating it in a private environment. But it happened… more
Simple queue management system… |→
Two weeks ago, I was looking for a method to control a waiting list showing the booking time. I wanted to show that time on a series of screens and… more
How to refresh an application… |→
If you have the necessity to refresh or reload every a specified time an application that doesn't have this feature, you can adapt my bash script to… more
The Japanese method: do… |→
You learn something new every day, indeed I discovered a new way to do multiplications with much fun: the Japanese method. The approach is pretty… more
ImageMagick: two fast methods… |→
Free software helps you a lot in many fields, even in generating a GIF animation from images. I wan to show you the use of "convert", a command line… more

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My site renews: a brief… |→
Just four years ago, I migrated my site from Drupal 7 to 8 and now I was forced to update to the new version, which is Drupal 9. Indeed the… more
A natural show in my garden,… |→
I want to share you a beautiful video that shows a male blackbird that gives food at his 4 chicks. I used an HTC Re Camera put near the nest and I… more
Alicorno bastion: a beautiful… |→
I have been in Padua for many years first for studying at the University and now for working, but I have been recently surprised from the discovering… more
A new year with new purposes… |→
The 2017 has just begun and I wish to tell again my adventures in programming and my IT passions in general. It is an ambition because my job is very… more
The beach locations seen during… |→
In these dog days I was thinking of the completely different weather of the last summer: cold and rainy. In that period I have been in Pisa for a six months internship at University of Sant’Anna and… more
A postcard from Boccasette… |→
Last year I have rediscovered a beautiful beach near my home that I used to visit when I was a child: the Boccasette beach. In the past there was only free beach but today you can find some beach… more
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