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Analysis of in situ data with… |→
Some time ago I was responsible for a geotechnical report about a retaining wall in a lagoon. I only had a field of measures made up of: 6 CPTUs, 1 DTM and 3 soil samples. Hey a large amount of data… more
A bash script multi-tool and… |→
I happen very often to convert/resize/rename a directory of files, so sometimes I can fix manually file by file or if there are many of the ones, I can modify an existent bash for accelerating the… more
Related Content in Drupal 7… |→
After some boring tests and three different types of tutorial that have never been able to work on my site, finally I have found the best compromise for me: a related content based on the taxonomy… more
PROCAD 2.60 in Blender 2.49b:… |→
After importing DXF in Blender, some problems start immediately because the common commands present in any CAD don't exist in Blender, or simply aren't so simply to use as in the classical drawing… more
My traffic surveys app using… |→
I have tried to adapt my old Python application written for S60 smartphones into a modern webapp which should be able to work in any recent internet browser. Therefore I have used jQuery Mobile to… more
Directive on Privacy in Drupal… |→
I would have liked to use an amazing title like “Different Countries need different privacy rules”, but it could have been wrong and not summarized the content of this article. After all the… more

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