Updated my LaTeX thesis template

After many years I have written and published my first article on a thesis template in LaTeX, I verify that it still keeps on being visited and shared daily. So I decided to translate in English the original comments and notes and to improve and update it. Now it has the analytical index and the instructions to print it but above all you can edit, publish and share it on-line with Overleaf.…

Two steps to embedding an iframe in every node of a Drupal 8 site

Sometimes you have the necessity to put in a fixed position of every article of your site a block of content, in my case one or more adverts, but Drupal 8 and its new theming system doesn't help you much. So I'll try to show you my first rough solution via jQuery and iframe, hoping to obtain some idea to improve it or another method more efficient, maybe through only Twig.

Shuffle slyly a list of file with a bash script

I present a little bash script to change the alphabetical order in a specified or working folder of files, simply adding a random prefix and checking that the resulting one differs from a fixed number of previous elements. I wrote it to shuffle a list of songs that I usually listen to my poor car radio, but I think that it could be useful also for presentation of a series of pictures via usb…

Added the Digital Competence to my Europass CV template

Recently thanks to a comment in my unofficial version of Europass CV, I have discovered the existence of the Digital Competence in the official and Giacomo Mazzamuto one. So I have firstly updated my CV and then the template hosted on GitHub and Overleaf. In the article there are a few notes about the new addition, the description of the digital competence and how to insert it in the template…

How to embed a Google Photo album into your site using an animation

This article is addressed to orphans of Picasa and its practical function to put an album slideshow in a web page, not to mention the useful plugin for CKEditor that with a special tag allowed you to embed a specified album without using HTML. Google Photo has replaced this service and does not allow it anymore, but with several steps you can create an animation that can be easily embedded.…

Installation and a practical example of the heal selection filter in Gimp

The Resynthesizer Plugin Suite contains a practical tool for Gimp that allows you to remove the objects in your pictures after covering them with the adjacent elements. In the post I describe a Linux installation procedure of the version 2, by compiling the source from GitHub or by executing an executable and an example of its use.

Locate large files or directories on Linux with bash

From a discussion on Super User, I have discovered an awesome tool that helps you to locate the largest files or directories in your computer, just typing a single command line on a bash terminal. I have only added some code to create a text file without the annoying message "Permission denied". In the article there is also a list of the most famous analyzers for linux.

A new year with new purposes

The 2017 has just begun and I wish to tell again my adventures in programming and my IT passions in general. It is an ambition because my job is very heavy and gives me little time left. But like an Italian idiom that says "There's no harm in trying", I want to risk!