Programming wiht Sharp PC-E500S

Programming saved me from calculus

At the beginning for necessity: I needed a tool to speed and to check the exercises at the University, today I reduced drastically times in designing.Sometimes a casual event leads to a surprising result, like the finding of an twelve years old calculator, a Sharp PC-E500S in the original box and… more
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About eBook reader: a total stranger

It is a electronic gadget little widespread, but with some hint it might be an optimal solution to read comfortably digital documents, without using printer or staying for long time in front at the monitor.I own an ebook reader for almost a year, in detail an Asus DR900. It is a problematic product… more
Used in the "Online at last!" article

Online at last!

I have been stopped from many doubts, corrections, changes... but finally I publish it! In others word I moved it from my computer where it has been living for many weeks and I put it online.There are many aspects that I still have to fix and improve, but I am going to fix them day by day. For… more