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Working from scratch, following simplicity

Storm sewer webapp: concept

I will describe elements characterizing step by step the conversion of my storm sewer program into a web application fully available within any modern browser. It will also be equipped by a convenient graphical interface and by the powerful new features. Here I will insert the progress of works that will lead to the final release of this webapp.


When I published my first release of storm_sewer, I told about a future conversion of it with a GUI and some useful functions. But at that time, I thought to use Python or FreeBASIC with the best portable GUI (for Linux and Windows OS). Machine languages that always require two steps: download of the application and installation (with incompatibilities or missing libraries). So I've always wondered why not develop in Javascript inside my site?

Next I have recently lost my job, as I explain here, and this project was going to be postponed for better times... So, however the situation goes, in this page I will post the initial concept and the progress of works. While in another page I will add the develop of the single parts composing this webapp.

How it will works?^

It will be formed by three blocks:

  1. Definition of the basic settings:
    1. choice of the hydraulic methods (with relative features):
      • rational method (IFD curve ratio and time elapsed to entry into the system)
      • linear reservoir model (IFD curve ratio and reservoir volume)
      • (others methods in the future)
    2. creation of the library of commercial tubes that will help to designing:
      • label
      • section type (circular, then others)
      • Gauckler-Strickler roughness coefficient
      • diameters in growing succession
  2. Definition of geometrical data of the storm sewer, where for any line you have to define:
    • label upstream
    • surface
    • length of the line
    • degree of permeability
    • hierarchy (if line is external [0] internal [1] or main [2])
    • choice of the commercial tube to use (like defined above in the library)
    • choice of the variable to fix (speed, shear stress or slope)
    • value of this variable
  3. Controller functions with 5 buttons:
    • LOAD (to import system data)
    • SAVE (to save system data)
    • PREVIEW (to check the system with a schematic representation)
    • CALCULATE (to solve the system with a summary of the results)
    • EXPORT RESULTS (to save in a text file all the calculations).

Some schematic images^

It follows a few images that simply describe this webapp in italian language, but this program will be multilingual.

Highlight of 3 blocks that will characterize Storm Sewer webapp
Choice of the hydraulic methods and library tubes for Storm Sewer webappHow to define geometrical data of the system for Storm Sewer webapp
Highlight of 3 blocks
Details of choice of the hydraulic methods and creation of the library of commercial tubes Definition of geometrical data of the system
Effect of the button Preview for Storm Sewer webappEffect of the Calculate butto for Storm Sewer webappEffect of the Export Results button for Storm Sewer webapp
Effect of the button Preview
Effect of the Calculate button: summary of the results Effect of the Export Results button: print all the calculations

Progress of works^

Below I will post status and updates of the Storm Sewer web application. But I want to underline that I have a superficial knowledge of Javascript and only developping this project I will have the opportunity to study it. So I accept with pleasure any help, hint, correction, and so on!

Working in progress

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Nicola Rainiero

A civil geotechnical engineer with the ambition to facilitate own work with free software for a knowledge and collective sharing. Also, I deal with green energy and in particular shallow geothermal energy. I have always been involved in web design and 3D modelling.