A visit at Redoubt Fortress & Museum

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2013-04-15 (last updated on 2013-05-24)

Taking advantage of the free entry to the museum in the Easter weekend, I went for a visit in order to see "A fortress in the heart of Eastbourne...". Here is my short summary (please forgive me for the poor quality of the video, but my technology hasn't been competitive even in the 2008!).

The military construction is "one of the south coast's most historic landmarks", it is possible to "discover over 200 years of history at this Napoleonic fortress, named one of the top ten military museums in the UK." The collection contains featuring uniforms, displays, medals, weapons and much more from three Sussex based regiments. For more information about openings and promoted activities you can link on Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum Home Page. Below there is my video of the Fortress and Military Museum.

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