Who has damped spring?

Submitted by Nicola Rainiero on 2013-03-30

March has been one of the coldest months, not only in Eastbourne but in the whole UK, and yet, after coming in England on January I had found the weather and the average temperature more comfortable than now. On 11th I had filmed the extraordinary snowfall in Eastbourne, thinking that it was the end of the winter, but I made a mistake and "the coldest March for over 50 years is spilling over into a wintry start to April1"!

If you want same information and statistic about March 2013, I suggest you to read this article: Coldest March for the UK since 1962. I'm not afraid of cold and snow, on the contrary I like very much the snow, but where do we are on the calendar? I would like a typical spring season, because I am planning to go in London again but this time I want a nice warm and sunny trip, not like the last one.

I finish this short article with a brief video that I have made using my advanced hardware (Nokia N78 and Asus 1005HA), so the overall quality is not good, also because during shots my hands were frozen!

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